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Super Mario's Journal

Chronicle of the 10th Circle of Hell

Mario P. Stylianou Jr.
10 October 1986
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A Russian can be cheated only by a Gypsy: a Gypsy by a Jew: a Jew by a Greek: and a Greek by the Devil [when he isn't sober].
Greek saying

So I just graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in May 2006. i got my Bachelor's in Government and Politics with a minor in Public Policy in May. if all goes according to plan, i'm getting my Master's in Public Policy in Spring 2007. Law School class of 2010 ... somewhere.

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Mario Plato Stylianou Junior, Esquire's Facebook profile

Mario Plato Stylianou Junior, Esquire's Facebook profile

okay, i'm actually greek and not italian -- just to clear anything up. i used to be a commuter for the past two years but i'm finally moving onto campus now that i am a graduate student. i'm still definitely up for meeting new people. i'm interested in politics, philosophy, law, and technology, but i just have a lot of interests so talking with me is a crapshoot on just about anything.

among many other things, i do ballroom dancing competitively here at maryland; its actually kinda fun. waltz, tango, chacha, rumba, swing anyone? i've been at it so long i know the girl's footwork, too, if anyone wants to learn a few steps.

the plan is to be a lawyer and then a politician. i've got another year of grad school and three more years of law school before all that even starts. of course, instead of having a job with any resemblence of law in the job description, i'm the statistical consultant for BSOS in LeFrak with OACS. (hey, they pay me good money...) so you should come visit me there.

people who meet me usually don't forget me. if you know any of my friends you'll hear i'm a pretty unique guy.

my screenname is always online so drop me an IM anytime. at least send me a message already. you'll learn more about me like that than from just reading this. or just poke me if you're shy.

ΣΦΕ ... SigEp
Damn Proud.

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[club] dancing, alison syring :-p, apda, archery, ballroom dancing, basketball, being a g[r]eek, being goofy, biking, billiards or pool, bowling, cafes, cars, chess, clubs, coffee, computers, cyprus, debate, discotechs, economics, electric and acoustic guitar, foreign lands and places, getting to know people, girls, government, greece, greek food, jewish girls, law, love, mild but marked inebriation, movies, observing proverbial college experience, philosophy, politics, public policy, sigep, sigma phi epsilon, silliness, skiing, solving the impossible, starbucks, statistical consultant team evoter, swimming, technology, tennis, traveling, uber intelligent